Sacramento Heritage, Inc. was incorporated by the City of Sacramento in 1975 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation
governed by a nine-member volunteer board of directors appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.
The board includes representatives from the City’s Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, Housing Code
Advisory and Appeals Board, and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Commission, in addition to at-large
members with expertise in preservation, history, housing, construction and finance.  For the current Board, please  see
the Directors link. Sacramento Heritage, Inc. is more commonly referred to as "Sac Heritage" or "Sacramento
Heritage" and is referred to in the remainder of this website as "Sacramento Heritage."
The Tower Bridge has a main span of
209 feet and is the only
pre-World War II vertical lift
bridge in California. The Bridge is on
the National Register of Historic Places.
Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this Website are by Lisa Ouellette
Welcome to Sacramento Heritage, featuring initiatives and programs to
promote and preserve Sacramento’s architectural heritage, a heritage that
spans more than  150 years.
The Mission Continues...
Since its founding, the organization has helped provide grants and
loans to historic properties, conducted historic property surveys,
sponsored preservation workshops, conferences and events, and has
produced walking tour brochures of many of the City’s historic
districts.  Over the past year, Sacramento Heritage’s Board of
Directors has been working to create this website and showcase its
programs and new initiatives.  Especially exciting are the forthcoming
Historic Plaque Program and the On-line Historic Walking Tours
Programs being created by Sacramento Heritage’s Board of Directors.  
Go to the “Walking Tours” and “Programs” links for more information.
City of Sacramento Preservation Commission Openings:
The City Clerk has opened applications for three positions on the Sacramento
Preservation Commission – Historical Architect; Structural Engineer; and,
Landscape Architect.  Note that the persons currently serving in the Historical
Architect and the Landscape Architect positions have served their maximum
terms and cannot apply for another term.  The link below is to the City Clerk’s
website for those of you who wish to apply for the Preservation Commission

Sacramento Heritage, Inc. Board of Directors Openings:
The City Clerk has opened applications for two positions on the Sacramento
Heritage Board of Directors – At-Large/Preservation; and, At-
Large/Construction, Development.  Note that there is no one currently serving
in the Construction/Development position.  The link below is to the City
Clerk’s website for those of you who wish to apply for the Sacramento
Heritage Board positions:
Sacramento Heritage
Sacramento is graced with scores of historically significant buildings, homes and places. The history of the city is
captured and reflected in architecture that reaches back to the days of the Gold Rush. Sacramento Heritage is
dedicated to preserving, protecting and maintaining these historic places so that future
generations may enjoy and appreciate the city’s robust past.