The City of Sacramento, through Sacramento Heritage’s Historic Properties Plaque Program, officially recognizes Sacramento Register-designated historic properties within the City of Sacramento.  Owners of residential, commercial, or other properties that have been designated by the City of Sacramento as either an historic Landmark or a Contributing Resource within a City-designated Historic District, as listed in the Sacramento Register of Historic & Cultural Resources, are eligible to apply for a Historic Property Plaque.  If a property is not yet listed in the Sacramento Register but is at least 50 years old, it may be eligible for nomination.  Property owners are encouraged to nominate their properties and there is no charge for the nomination application provided the historical/architectural research and evaluation is included as part of the application; contact the City Preservation Office for the nomination application form at:


Sacramento Heritage is authorized to manage the Historic Properties Plaque program in coordination with the City’s Preservation Office.  The program coordinates with property owners and the plaque manufacturer for fabrication of a bronze plaque affixed with the City logo.  

The plaque is to be placed on the exterior façade of the building or at the front of the property to acknowledge the date when the resource was constructed and its historic listing.  Each plaque presents basic information about the history of the property.  Please note that the plaques are provided at the cost to manufacture them, and therefore the purchase price of the plaque is not tax-deductible.  Commercial and Residential sizes are available and prices are noted on the application.

Images courtesy of Center for Sacramento History , SHI Board members, Lisa Ouellette and Rudy Calpo Photography.