The Historic Places Grant Program was created by the City Council in 2007, and is administered by the Community Development Department upon review and recommendation of applications by the Sacramento Heritage Board.  The program assists in the preservation or rehabilitation of Sacramento Register-listed historic properties, within the City of Sacramento.  Repairing a historic structure’s deteriorated roof, walls, foundation, windows, exterior stairs, porches and other key components can stabilize the building, prevent weather-related and other damage and extend the building’s lifespan.  Following repairs a well-cared for historic building can continue to be an important part of Sacramento’s collection of unique older structures.

In 2013, the City of Sacramento and Sacramento Heritage completed Round 45 of the Historic Places Grant Program, which the City Council originally seeded with $250,000 in grant funds.  New application rounds are announced as funding becomes available.  The Historic Places Grant Program provides grants from $1,000 to $24,999.  If a grant application is recommended for funding, the grant requires a 1:1 match and is funded on a reimbursement basis upon completion of the work.

Work for which the grants may be requested must meet the following conditions:     


  • Compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties;

  • Consist of either exterior work, or work that affects the exterior of the structure including foundation or structural work, or work on significant publicly-accessible interiors; and

  • Be completed per the approved project, budget and schedule.

Sacramento Heritage and the City of Sacramento continue to explore additional funds and funding sources in order to maintain this grant program.

Historic Places Grant

Images courtesy of Center for Sacramento History , SHI Board members, Lisa Ouellette and Rudy Calpo Photography.